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server monitor edit server.cfg edit start script settings

Description :

Friipanel is a free web-control panel for your game server based php and ftp.
- Start / Restart / stop your game server
- Edit .cfg, .txt and .log files
- Edit start script
- Multiserver support
- Show game server status, name, map, players... (based on phgstats)
- Show information about remote server (CPU usage, load average, memory)
- Multi-language (English, Polish, German & French)

Download :

Release : 2.1 - tar.gz - zip

Release : Older - Old release

Changelog :

02/08/2008 - v2.1 released : FTP compatibility bug fixed, version checker added, ETQW and COD4 now supported, editable template has been deleted and fixed bugs.

31/07/2008 - v2.0 released : Libssh2 isn't needed anymore ! (This version may not be stable. I'm waiting for your feedbacks.)

28/07/2008 - v1.1 released : All .cfg, .txt and .log files can be edited and .htaccess security file will be created after first install.

09/11/2007 - v1.0 released : Finaly fixed the previous compatibility bug and GNU General Public License added.

08/11/2007 - v0.9 released : Added compatibility with some strange configuration server.

08/11/2007 - v0.8 released : Added fixed bug of the editable template.

07/11/2007 - v0.7 released : Added new design and Polish language. ! WARNING ! Editable template isn't working (It will next in the next release)

07/11/2007 - v0.6 released : Deleted iframe and Added German language.

06/11/2007 - v0.5 released : Added README.txt translation (french & english) and fixed bug (filesize()).

06/11/2007 - v0.4 released : Added translation (french & english) and fixed bugs.

05/11/2007 - v0.3 released : Added mulstiserver and lot of fixed bugs.

03/11/2007 - v0.2 released : Added edit start script and fixed bugs.

02/11/2007 - v0.1 released

Requirement :

On game server :

- SSH access (root)
- FTP access
- A game server ready to use

On web server :

- FTP access
- Apache with php
- Lot's of free hosting MAY not work

Install :

On game server :

- Edit your sshd_config (on gentoo "/etc/ssh/sshd_config") as "root" and find these lines :
ex : # To disable tunneled clear text passwords, change to no here!
PasswordAuthentication no/yes
It has to be set to yes !
ex : # To disable tunneled clear text passwords, change to no here!
PasswordAuthentication yes

- Then restart your sshd
ex : /etc/init.d/sshd restart

- Check if all the files of your server are chown to your user.
If you want to be sure try this : "chown -R your_user.users /home/your_user/"

On web server :

- Upload the entire content of "friipanel/" directory into your webserver.

!!! WARNING !!! (This part should be created automaticaly at first install)
- Create a file named ".htaccess" into "friipanel/" directory to secure the panel.
ex : AuthUserFile /home/user/www/friipanel/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName "Restricted area"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user
More info :

- Create a file named ".htpasswd" into "friipanel/" directory and put a login and a password into it.
The password has to be crypted !
Go here to generate it ;
ex : test:dGRkPurkuWmW2
(example for login "test" and password "test")

- Go to and clic on "default Settings".
Fill all the fields as you want. (All the fields are documented)

- Then clic on "Edit Start Script".
Fill all the fields as you want. (All the fields are documented)
A file will be created on your game server "/home/user" directory.

- Enjoy !

Maps pack and addons :

Maps pack can be downloaded here :
Cod 4 and ETQW addon for phgstats can be downloaded here :

- Put the maps into "friipanel/phgstats/maps/your_games" directory.

- Enjoy !


- When you start your server with friipanel for the first time, sometimes nothing happen...
You'll have to start it manually in ssh (putty) with :
./start-xxx start
where start-xxx is the name you choose in your friipanel parameters.


My server doesn't start/stop/restart what's wrong ?

First thing to check is if the user who's trying to start/stop/restart has all the right to execute the script.
try "chown -R USER.users /home/USE" as root on your game server.
Then be sure that your server wasn't started before you install the script. The game server has to be stopped before using with Friipanel.
Finaly if the game server doesn't start/stop/restart check after 30 seconds to refresh the phgstats because some server take some times to start.

I got this error : "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING" in my language file. What's wrong ?

You forget to put a "\" before your "'" in your translation.
ex: $lang_edt_saved = 'Saved : Don't forget to restart the server';
Should be : $lang_edt_saved = 'Saved : Don\'t forget to restart the server';

My language is not supported. What can i do ?

Copy "lang/en.php" into "lang/your_lang.php" and translate it. (if possible send it to me)
then add your flag into "lang/your_lang.gif".


- Don't know...

Support :

IRC : #muse-gaming @

Thanks to :

j2c, cassiopee, Lord, lupo49, la_flegme...

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